I dreamed of having a Self-hosted WordPress Blog and so I have it now.

This is my new and main blog :

My journey with was very short and not much enjoyful! But really, the community was great. It is not that a standalone blog does not have to community. Just the fact is that we have to work much harder there to build one. If you are a beginner, then its an awful choice. But if you have that motivation and willingness then nothing can stop you. :D

Not much to say though. But these are my last words to :(

May GeekFume impress you when it will have much contents…Byeeeee…. Will miss Forums…

Mac OSX Lion Sneak Peak

Apple is back in Operating System race with its brand new Mac OS  X Lion with some new and very cool features are updates to get a happy! smile on Mac-boy’z faces. Here is an extract from Apple’s website:-

We took our best thinking from Mac OS X and brought it to the iPhone. Then we took our best thinking from the iPhone and brought it to iPad. And now we’re bringing it all back to the Mac with our eighth major release of the world’s most advanced operating system. Mac OS X Lion arrives in summer 2011. Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of its features.

Some cool features which Apple revealed are :-
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Android MarketPlace finally available for Indians

Android OS made huge profits since its release. It made a (very) big impression into International Markets and like Apple, it (Google) also has a nice MarketPlace with thousands of apps and App Developers around. At first, just few countries had access to MarketPlace but now Google went on adding 18 more countries including India – starting from October.So now, you can log on to Android Market with your smartphone and use your credit card to purchase apps via Google Checkout. Price are also visible in Rupees.

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Stats of JJ of October 2010

From now, I’ll also try to give stats(traffic+others) every month’s beginning for every month. It is of October.  Not to waste time, so here’s it :-

Comments  –> 21

Posts  –> 12

Subscribers (Feedburner)  –> 3

As you know, traffic stats is different in different meters. So first of WordPress Stats:-

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JJ just got an upgrade

J Z Flowers (12)

Image by Hobson & Porter via Flickr

[Note : JJ = JayantJargon]

At last, my Internet connection is ON.
So let’s hear this dumb story:-

I first went to my hometown in my Puja Vacations(Holidays! ). I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot there. I then came here (Where I live now) once again with in mind to format my laptop. I never did that before and so asked my big bro. He just told that do it and you’ll win as you know Computer Essentials part very well. I just followed him and easily did it but with just one disk partition and some other problems by installing AVG 9 anti-virus. I did that (formatting my laptop and then re-installing) again and then succeeded in that work. But due to some personal problems, I again formatted my PC. I know that’s very boring.

Now the 3rd time, my internet connection started working very slow. The rate which requires very high amount of dumb patient and time. I really got frustrated at that time. But now after 3-4 days, god listened me and now its working efficiently.
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The History of iPod

I found this amazing piece of  information which I thought must be shared with my readers. I will not say much so just see it…I mean the image below :-

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Apple sold over 250,000 New Apple TVs

Apple TV at Macworld San Francisco

Image via Wikipedia

[If you don't know whats Apple TV, then I recommend you to head over HERE.]

Somebody asked Apple about its new product “Apple TV” and about its earnings since its relaunch, Apple’s CEO

Steve Jobs replied instantly.

“In a short amount of time, we’ve already sold a quarter million.

Making it more clear:-

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Make an Ice Bowl

(P.S. — Well, I’ve never tried this experiment but have seen once with its process written on a paper.)

So this time we’re going to learn how to make an Ice Bowl.

Some of you (my readers) must have seen this simple experiment and anyone with some essential stuff can try this at home.

Things needed:-

  • Water
  • Freezer (normally stays intact with the refrigerator)
  • 2 Plastic Bowls (1 smaller than the other)
  • Lid of the bigger Plastic bowl
  • Reference (This post)

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8 advantages of having a slow Internet connection

Forums and Minerals, the new Internet tools

Image via Wikipedia

I know it sounds strange and dumb but believe me. OK! Just read further.

Not everyone gets a high-speed Internet connection[normally 512kbps+]. I too have just a 156kbps one. I know it’s very slow but I am used to it. After some months, I’ll also have a 1-2mbps one but that day will be too far. :(

It’s not that you have a good broadband then you are luckier than others.At most, there are huge disadvantages of having a slow Internet connection but what about ADVANTAGES? YES, you got right, there are nice benefits of it too which certain slow users notice who also have a little access to high-speed connection. BTW, it’s just based on my experience and it can’t be said for all and so keep this in mind.

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New age chat lingo

Don’t know how to start this topic, but…

If you had a CHAT experience before, then you must be knowing it. When we chat, we don’t use words like ‘Laugh Out Loud’ or ‘What the Hell!’. Instead, we use ‘LOL’ and ‘WTH’.I mean-These are mostly used by teens. Chatting experience gets very informal and fast by these acronyms.

Many get confused by these terms if they don’t know it.If that’s the case then just have a search on Search engines [eg.GOOGLE,YAHOO!].At least, that’s the way I do to find out. :P

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